Principal Designer
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A Georgia native, Courtney grew up in an area where tradition is rooted like the old oak trees. Courtney started at a young age shopping alongside her mother for antiques, rearranging furniture, and changing paint colors to update the aesthetic of her childhood home and beginning her love for interiors. After college, Courtney moved to Atlanta and had the opportunity to work alongside Kay Fuller, an interior decorator from her hometown. During this time, Kay helped her refine her skills and further cemented Courtney’s passion for design. Kay taught Courtney how to source items and perfectly pair them with modern touches. After working with Kay in Atlanta, Courtney opened her own design firm, Courtney Moss Design. While being drawn towards traditional design, Courtney also gravitates towards the eclectic. Finding an antique piece and mixing it with modern pieces, good artwork, and fun fabrics gives her design work the flair that her clients seek.

Truly believing in Bunny William's line on the homepage - "If you love it, it will work", Courtney  strives to work with each of her clients to create spaces using inspiration from them! In her design, spaces should be stylish yet comfortable and all cherished pieces should be on display. Creating unique and liveable spaces are our priority at Courtney Moss Design. Please contact us for more information. You can also start by filling out or Project Questionnaire!